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“Whether you settle down on the beach, snuggle up on the settee or like to read in bed then this historic romantic story is an ideal relaxing read for you. Lose yourself in the lives of two brave 19th century English ladies as they face their own life’s trials and tribulations.”

Mary Watson, born in the country to poor parents still has a happy life. Until circumstances leave her an orphan and she finds herself all alone in London.

Lady Elizabeth (Lizzie) Mountford was also born in the country but her parents are wealthy and are mix in proper society. Yet Lizzie feels alone and in need of a friend.

Mary finds a new home with Mrs Maberley and through her the two young women meet and forge a strong friendship; one that shouldn’t exist.

Both ladies face their own trials and tribulations: Mary travels across the ocean to take up a teaching post whilst Lizzie, having married, becomes a widow.

Finally, both women meet and fall in love. And throughout it all, they manage to maintain their friendship through their letters.

Follow their adventures along their bumpy road to true love.